Spray painting metal

Bring your property’s metallic features back to life with our cost-effective spray paint options. Combining creativity and innovation, we provide a finish that is incomparable, from garden furniture to indoor shelving. With a whole host of colour choices and shade variations, there is something for everyone.

Spray painting

Over time, metallic garden furniture can begin to rust, or you may find that your garden requires a new pop of colour. Beat the costs of new fixtures and consider our metal spray painting service. Our team carry out careful preparation to remove rust and uneven surfaces to create an even base. You are then able to choose between a whole host of colours, including matching those of Dulux, Fenwick, and more. After an even coating, your furniture will be complete with a pristine, professional finish.

Spray painting
metal surfaces

Prevent your metal objects from signs of aging with an expert coating of spray paint. Give a new lease of life to your metallic shelving units, stainless steel door handles or brass taps with a unique colour chosen by you, for you. With the ability to match with popular paint brands including Fenwick, Farrow & Ball and Dulux, you can create an interior that remains as consistent or unique as you wish.

The benefits of
spray painting metal

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To find out more about our metal spray painting service or to enquire about your own furniture, get in touch. we’re just a phone call away! Call 0203 916 5632, email us at or fill out our contact form and we will get in touch within 24 hours.


The process of
spray painting your metallic feature

Whilst no two projects will ever be the same, our metal spray painting process will always include an initial consultation, careful planning and preparation, the spray painting itself, and a curing period. These will all be tailored to your metallic surface.

The initial consultation
During the initial consultation, we will listen to understand your requirements. Dependant on these, we will decide to carry out your spray coating process either at your premises or within our workshop. For unique or complex materials, our team are willing to carry out site visits, ensuring that the most appropriate process is carried out. We will provide an honest quote before scheduling your metal spray painting in for a date and time that suits you.

The spray painting
On the day of your metal spray painting, our team will undergo the necessary preparation work. If your spraying is taking place on your premises, we will assemble sheeting to protect the surrounds. Your material will undergo preparation too, including priming, ensuring that the base is prepared for a leading finish with the aid of our air-assisted and high-volume low-pressure sprayers.

The curing period
Once complete, your material must be left to rest until it has dried and fully cured. If your spraying took place in our workshop, we will utilise our dedicated ventilated drying facility, whilst materials sprayed on your premises will need to naturally air dry. This should be completed within 24 hours.

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Transforming your metallic fixtures takes care, knowledge, and confidence. At Concept Coatings, that is exactly what we have. It’s no wonder so many of our customers return to us for their spray painting needs. Find out why:

Metal spray painting FAQs

Have you got a question about metal spray coating? We may have answered it here, but if not, feel free to contact our team.

Does the location of my metal fixture matter?

If your metal fixture cannot be easily transported to our workshop, our team will be happy to travel to your premises. We will undergo precise preparation to protect your surrounds and ensure that your property is kept safe.

Does the original colour of my metal fixture matter?

The original colour of your metallic fixture won’t affect our spray painting process. Whether you opt for a solvent or water-based paint product, or even a liquid metal coating, our team will ensure your fixture has the highest quality finish.

Do I need to be home for the coating of my metal fixture?

It is your choice whether you wish to stay home on the day of your spray painting or not. However, our reliable team will not require you to be present and will keep you updated on our process via text, email, or phone call should you need to be elsewhere.

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Give a fresh lease of life to your metallic fixtures with our bespoke spray painting service. Call 0203 916 5632 or email us at today.