Shop Front Spraying

Your shop front is the face of your business, so it’s important to ensure it perfectly expresses your brand. Our team can provide a wide range of shop front spray coatings, allowing them to create your desired aesthetic at the best possible price point. From total rebrands to renovating your existing signage, this approach is highly adaptable. We’ll work closely with you to refresh your commercial property efficiently and effectively.

Professional shop front spraying experts

You can rely on our team to remain professional at all times whilst working at your premises. We’ll keep you up to date throughout the process, making sure that you know exactly how close we are to completion. We understand how important your shop front is to your business and we’ll make sure that any disruption is kept to a minimum for your customers. We’re proud to represent you in the best possible light.

Putting health and safety first

Health and safety is an important consideration within all our projects. We’ll carry out a thorough risk assessment so that we can identify any potential hazards and will ensure that appropriate control measures are in place. If we are working on site, such as when we are respraying existing signage, we will set up a compact, safe working environment to contain our work and protect those in the vicinity. We will also wear the necessary PPE at all times.

Shop front coating: An area of expertise

With 10+ years’ experience in the industry, we’ve worked with countless businesses and have successfully completed a wide range of shop front spraying projects. These range from helping new businesses to establish an effective presence through eye-catching signage, to renovating existing branding as cost-effectively as possible. We can coat a vast range of substrates, including wood, metal, glass, plastics, and fibreglass. This gives our clients confidence that we can work with their existing shop fronts where possible, sparing them the cost and inconvenience of unnecessary replacements.

Give your shop front the spray coating it deserves

Spray coating is a highly flexible technique that allows businesses to achieve a wide range of finishes across their signage and branding. This includes specialist options such as liquid metal coating. Rather than simply creating a metallic effect, these coatings apply a thin layer of genuine metal across the surface. This produces a luxurious finish that appears like solid metal. For shop fronts, this is particularly useful as it allows the business to create a premium aesthetic without dealing with the complications that heavy metal signage can cause.

Why choose us for
shop front spray coating?

We’re determined to exceed expectations and deliver the best possible service for our commercial clients. When you choose us to be part of your commercial refresh, you can count on us to uphold the following core values from start to finish.

Transform your shop front

Discover the difference that spray coating could make to your shop front by speaking to a member of our team. Call 0203 916 3651 or email us at to tell us your requirements and arrange a consultation.