Bespoke kitchen
spray painting

It’s likely that your kitchen is the heart of your home, and with it being used daily, you may feel that now is the time for a transformation. Whether you’re growing tired of its design or beginning to notice signs of natural wear and tear, our cost-effective spray painting service can improve the aesthetic value of your kitchen with minimal hassle.

The possibilities for
spray painting kitchen cabinets

With the ability to colour match to popular paint brands including Fenwick and Farrow & Ball, the options for your kitchen renovation are endless. Your sole role will be deciding on your preferred colour and finish – we will do the rest. With a range of coating options available, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Why should you
spray paint your kitchen doors?

Undertaking a kitchen transformation can seem a daunting and invasive task, but it doesn’t need to be. An action as simple as spray painting your kitchen cupboards could provide you with the upgrade you are seeking, without the hassle and costs. Our time-efficient, stress-free, and high-quality service delivers nothing but flawless finishes. Leave your guests believing you’ve had new units installed, without having to undergo the building work.

Tell us your kitchen spray painting requirements

Get in touch with our team to find out how our specialist kitchen spray painting services could transform the hub of your home. Give us a call on 0203 916 5632, email us at or fill out our contact form – we will respond within 24 hours!


The process for
kitchen cupboard resprays

When it comes to your kitchen respray, we follow a seamless three-step process, tailoring it to every customer, requirement, and material.

The initial consultation
During this phase, we will absorb every wish, request, and requirement, ensuring that we construct a process that provides you with your dream kitchen upgrade. We will provide an accurate and honest quotation before arranging your kitchen renovation for a date and time that works for you.

The spray painting
On the day of spraying, your units, doors, and handles will undergo thorough preparation. We will work to create the perfect base to allow a flawless result, carefully sanding and priming your substrates. If spraying on your premises, we will protect the surroundings, using sheeting to remove the risk of overspray before activating our air-assisted sprayer and transforming your units.

The curing period
Curing occurs once your material has dried completely and, until this stage, your kitchen features should be left untouched to protect their flawless finish. Substrates sprayed in our workshop will be placed into our ventilated facilities whilst those sprayed on your premises will need to be air dried. Our team will advise on the length of time this process could take, but you should have your kitchen back in use within 24 hours.

Why choose us for
kitchen spray painting?

Undergoing a kitchen upgrade will require trust and confidence in the team you choose. At Concept Coatings, that is exactly what we provide through reliability, respect, and our unending knowledge.

Kitchen spray painting FAQs

Can we have our kitchen units sprayed on your site?

Yes. If your units can be dismantled and delivered to our workshop, we can utilise our facilities to spray your materials before having them delivered back to your property, ready for installation and use. This includes anything from handles to entire units.

Can you spray with my existing tiles, worktop, and appliances in place?

Yes, we will protect these features by masking our surroundings prior to spraying. This preparation ensures clean lines and prevents any overspray within your kitchen.

Do I need to carry out any preparation before you arrive for our kitchen respray?

If you have things of interest that you would like to remove from the site, you could do this, but we don’t require any preparation from you. Our team will assess their surroundings and remove necessary items, as well as arrange masking to protect those items which cannot be moved, keeping your kitchen protected.

Our Work

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