spray painting

Refresh your MDF furniture and transform your premises without the hassle and costs of building work with simple and effective spray painting. From water-based paints to liquid metal coatings, and a whole host of colour choices, the high-quality options available within our spray painting services are endless.

Spray painting
MDF board

Spraying MDF board creates the perfect opportunity to transform the sight of plain wood into luxury joinery. Ideal for film sets, home interiors and office fit outs, the coating of solvent or water-based paint products, as well as liquid metal, allows you to transform your MDF into the appearance of stainless steel, copper, or iron, without the rise in cost. Our workshop also contains a CNC machine, allowing us to create bespoke shapes for spraying unique coatings such as crocodile skin.

Spray painting
MDF cabinets

Transforming your kitchen, meeting room or reception area has never been simpler than it is with our MDF spray painting service. Refresh your wooden cabinets and bring them back to like with a coating of solvent or water-based paint. Add luxury to your décor without the cost with a coating of liquid metal, and protect the spread of bacteria with an antiviral layer – all completed with a pristine, professional finish.

Stain and seal
your MDF

Protecting your carefully crafted joinery is simple with lacquering. By spray coating the veneer, you can add a layer of sealant and durability without spoiling its natural beauty. Choose between gloss, satin or matte for a wooden finish that suits your interior. Our team also provide the ability to deepen the tones of your MDF feature through roller-brush staining, accentuating its natural colours and tones.

The benefits of
spray painting MDF

Talk to us about your MDF needs

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The process of
spray painting your MDF

The standard of service we provide through our clear thought-out process ensures that every customer receives the best results for their MDF, be it kitchen cabinets or joinery. Whilst no two MDF spray painting projects may be the same, the process may vary slightly. However, your contractor will make you aware of any variances.

The initial consultation
We will listen to understand your requirements and can carry out free site visits to ensure we plan the best route for a high-quality finish on your MDF. Once we’ve decided on the best suited approach, whether that be spraying remotely or within our workshop, we will provide an honest quotation and timeframe, before booking your MDF in for a time that suits you.

The spray painting
On the day of coating, careful preparation will be carried out. This includes the sanding and priming of your MDF and, if spraying remotely, the assembly of sheeting and masking to form a protective barrier, keeping the finish sharp and premises tidy. We will utilise our air-assisted or high-volume low-pressure sprayers to provide an even coating.

The curing process
Dependent on where your MDF has been sprayed, the drying process will alter. In our workshop, your MDF will be placed on a rack in our dedicated, ventilated drying facility to fully cure and dry, whilst remote coatings will require air drying, meaning you must allow time before touching or moving the material. This should happen within 24 hours.

Why choose us for
MDF spray painting?

When it comes to home or commercial improvements, our team provide you with the confidence that you need. From transforming your kitchen to protecting carefully crafted joinery such as wardrobes, our reliability, respect, and knowledge are key to the results we deliver.

MDF spray painting FAQs

Have a question about MDF spray coating? Take a look to see if we’ve answered it here. If not, feel free to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

Does the location of my MDF matter?

If your MDF cannot be dismantled and delivered for coating in our workshop, our team are able to spray remotely. We will undertake thorough health and safety procedures, as well as carrying out precautions to protect you and your surrounds.

Does the colour of my existing cabinets matter?

Our range of spray paints and liquid metals can cover any MDF colour, whilst lacquering will enhance the existing colour of your joinery.

I can’t travel. Are you able to deliver my MDF wardrobe for spray coating?

Our comprehensive MDF spray painting process is partnered with a delivery and installation service, allowing your MDF joinery to receive the professional finish it deserves.

Have another
material that requires coating?

Take a look at the other materials we can provide a premium coating for.

Arrange your
MDF spray painting

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