Spray paint solutions for your wardrobe

Transform your interior with a wardrobe upgrade. Our wardrobe spray painting service grants you the opportunity to upgrade your ordinary closet into one of luxury joinery. Remove the requirement of a pricey purchase and opt for a hassle-free spray painted renovation.

What are the options?

Our team hold knowledge of all coating types, their qualities, and the substrates they are best suited to. Taking the difficulty out of your hands, you are left with the choice of choosing the preferred colour and finish for your wardrobe. With our ability to colour match popular paint brands such as Dulux and Fenwick, your wardrobe upgrade has never been simpler.

The benefits of
wardrobe spray painting

Tell us your wardrobe spray painting requirements

For more information on our wardrobe spray painting service, contact us today – it’s simple! You can call us on 0203 916 5632, email us at info@concept-coatings.co.uk or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you within just 24 hours.


The process of
spray painting wardrobe doors

When it comes to spray painting freestanding and fitted furniture like wardrobes, no two projects will ever be the same. Our consistent approach provides a service that supplies the best result for every customer and every material.

The initial consultation
We will listen to your requirements and requests, allowing us to conduct a plan that works for you. We always prefer to work in the best suited environment for your material, and so will decide during this consultation stage whether it will be best for your wardrobe to be disassembled and delivered to our facilities or sprayed on your premises. Once the plans are in place, we will provide an accurate quotation before booking your wardrobe in for its transformation at a date and time that works for you.

The spray painting
Before we begin to spray your material, there is a level of thorough preparation we carry out. This involves sheeting the surrounds for protection, as well as sanding and priming your material. Once the base is prepared, we will utilise our top-of-the-range tools to provide an even coating and professional finish. If your spraying takes place at our dedicated facilities, we will utilise our high-volume low-pressure sprayers, whilst spraying on your premises will require air-assisted spraying.

The curing period
Before reassembling or utilising your wardrobe, you must allow it the time to dry and fully cure. The process for this stage will alter depending on the location of spraying. Our dedicated facilities are well-ventilated, allowing the curing process to happen in a shorter timeframe. Spraying remotely on your premises will require air-drying, which may take a little longer. This process should be complete within 24 hours, allowing you to use your transformed wardrobe in no time.

Why choose us for
wardrobe spray painting?

When it comes to interior transformations, you’ll want to rely on a team you can trust. Here at Concept Coatings, we deliver confidence through our reliability, respect, and knowledge. It’s no wonder so many of our customers return to work with us.

Wardrobe spray painting FAQs

My wardrobe is built-in. Are you still able to spray it?

Yes – built-in joinery is just as suitable for a high-quality upgrade as freestanding furniture that could otherwise be delivered to our workshop. Instead, our team will be able to set up site in your premises and spray with our air-assisted sprayer.

Why should I send my wardrobe to your workshop for coating?

Having your wardrobe coated in our workshop will allow us to use a wider range of coating types, including solvent-based spray paint. Your premises will also remain free from our work. Instead, we will deliver you a product that is ready for installation and use.

I currently have a dark wardrobe but would like to change to a neutral tone. Does this matter?

The original colour of your joinery does not matter. With our knowledge, preparation, and expert coating methods, we can transform wardrobes of any shade into those which exceed your expectations.

Our Work

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Our team are readily available to transform your wardrobe, so get in touch! Call 0203 916 5632 or email us at info@concept-coatings.co.uk today.