Wood panelling

Spray paint solutions for your wood panels

Wood panelling can be a stunning statement addition to the walls of your home, as long as they look the part. With our specialist spray painting service, that impressive outcome is guaranteed. It has never been simpler to give your tired joinery a luxury upgrade.

What are the options?

With our ability to provide a range of coatings for your wood panelling, all you’ll need to do is choose your preferred colour and finish! We can also colour match to popular brands such as Fenwick and Dulux. Present your home with a luxury renovation using any of our coating options and shades.

The benefits of
spray painting wood panelling

Tell us your wood panel spray painting requirements

The time to kickstart your high-quality home improvement is now. Get in touch to see how we could transform your wood panelling with a flawless paint finish today. Call 0203 916 5632, email us at info@concept-coatings.co.uk, or fill out our contact form and we will respond to your bespoke request within just 24 hours.


The process of
spray painting your wood panelling

To provide your wood panelling with a seamless finish, we will carry out a tailored three-step process.

The initial consultation
During this phase, we will absorb your exact requirements before constructing a plan which will allow us to achieve your desired look. As your panels will most likely be secured to your walls, we will need to spray on your premises. Once we provide an accurate quotation we can book your spray painting appointment in for a date and time that suits you.

The spray painting
To spray paint wood and produce the highest quality finish, the correct preparation must be taken first. We will sand and prime your wooden panels to create the perfect base, ensuring that any grains, grit, and splinters have been removed. Your surrounds will also be masked to protect them from any overspray. We will then use our air-assisted sprayer to deliver an even, professional paint finish.

The curing process
Your wood panelling will need to be left untouched until it has dried and cured fully. This will ensure that no scratches, dents, or fingerprints distort the flawless finish of the air sprayer. The process should be complete within 24 hours, allowing you to utilise your room as usual.

Why choose us to
paint your wood panels?

No matter the scale or complexity of any wood panelling project, our consistent approach is always delivered alongside reliability, respect, and knowledge. With our valuable methods partnered with our high-quality service, it’s no wonder so many of our customers return to us!

Wood panelling spray painting FAQs

Do I need to be present for the spraying of my wood panelling?

No – our team are flexible and reliable and can keep you updated on our progress via your preferred method of contact, whether that be phone calls, texts and images, or emails.

Do you install wood panelling?

We cannot provide installation for wood panelling, but we are able to spray the panels before installation takes place, whether this be in our dedicated facilities, or on your premises.

Are your paints safe to be sprayed in my property?

If spraying inside your home, we will utilise our water-based coating which remains safe for residential use. We can also keep internal doors closed whilst opening windows to encourage ventilation.

Arrange your
wood panelling transformation

Our team are on hand to provide your wood panelling with a premium upgrade, so get in touch. Call 0203 916 5632 or email us at info@concept-coatings.co.uk today.