Spray painting solutions for your glass features

Restore your glass features back to life, add some elegance to their trims or increase safety with a visible band of colour with our glass spray painting service. Our hassle-free process ensures that glass features of all conditions, shapes, and sizes receive the care they deserve. With a wide variety of colour options, matching the likes of Dulux and Fenwick, as well as the ability to coat with liquid metal or an antiviral protector, the options are endless.

The benefits of
spray painting glass

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The process of
spray painting your glass

The process of spray painting glass surfaces is fast, simple, and effective. Our team work to provide each customer with the highest quality result for their glass feature, be it an elegant table or unique shelving.

The initial consultation
Listening to your requirements, our team will provide the best suited approach to ensure we reach the highest quality result. If needed, we can carry out site visits to assess your material in person. During this stage, we will provide you with an honest quotation, as well as booking your glass in for its spray paint at a time that suits you.

The spray painting
On the day of appointment, we will commence careful preparation of your material to ensure a paramount finish. If your spray coating is occurring within your premises, we will also take the time to protect the surrounds, assembling sheeting to form a protective barrier and providing a crisp finish. We will utilise our air-assisted and high-volume low-pressure sprayers to ensure an even coating.

The curing process
Depending on the location of your glass spray painting, it will require being left for a period of time afterwards. This will allow it to dry and cure fully before being reassembled or ready for use. In our workshop, our ventilated facilities will speed this process up, whilst at home you could expect your material to be complete within 24 hours.

Why choose us for
glass spray painting?

Working with our team will provide you with confidence and pride. Operating with reliability, respect, and knowledge, you can expect a professional service with a paramount finish for your glass. It’s no wonder so many customers return to work with us.

Glass spray painting FAQs

Have you got a question about glass spray coating? We may have answered it here, but if not, feel free to get in touch with our team!

Does my glass need to be transported to your workshop?

We understand that glass is fragile, and so you may not feel comfortable transporting it to our workshop. Our team will happily pay a visit to your premises to ensure that it to receive the quality coating it deserves.

Can my glass receive a solvent-based spray paint coating on my premises?

Unfortunately, for the safety of yourself, those nearby, and our team, all solvent-based spray painting needs to take place within the controlled facility at our workshop. With extractor ventilation and additional PPE in place, this will enable us to keep all involved safe.

Do need to be present for the spray painting of my glass?

Neither our team nor our service require you to be present during the spray painting process. Our team love getting to know our customers, but we understand that you may have plans which require you to be elsewhere. If this is the case, we will keep you updated on our progress via text, email, or phone call.

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material that requires coating?

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