Liquid metal

liquid metal spray coating

Apply a unique coating to your surfaces, features, and joinery. Liquid metal adds a layer of real metal coating that appears completely natural and solid. For over a decade, we have been coating substrates with liquid metal, boosting their appearance into ones of luxury and quality – it’s one of our areas of expertise. From commercial bars and counter fronts to domestic feature walls and handles, introducing luxury to your premises has never been simpler.

What is
liquid metal?

Liquid metal is a combination of metal materials, such as brass, copper, and bronze that have been ground into a fine powder. This is then placed in a binder so that the substance can be turned into a fine sprayable coating. The coating is then sanded and polished to bring out unique metal qualities. The resulting finish provides surfaces and substrates with the look of authentic metal, creating custom pieces for a range of requirements at a fraction of the price of a solid metal feature.

A unique,
eye-catching finish

Our liquid metal coating delivers a premium finish, and we can further diversify each sprayed surface through our patination stage. This is a process that is carried out after coating, where your material is exposed to an oxidising substance so that it develops an attractive rusted or green copper oxide appearance. Once the desired transformation has occurred, we will neutralise your substrate, allowing the final effect to remain undisturbed.

The benefits of
liquid metal coating

Find out more about the transformation
liquid metal can provide

For more information on metallic coatings to enhance your home and add sophistication to your commercial premises, get in touch. We will be happy to advise and assist, upgrading your property to one of premium quality at a fraction of the cost. Call us on 0203 916 5632, email us at or fill out our contact form.


The process of
liquid metal coating

Delivering a professional metallic coating of the highest quality requires a tailored process – one of which is personal and fast, yet highly effective.

The initial consultation
During this stage, we will absorb your requirements, talking you through the options available for your premium metal finish. We can carry out a visit to your premises, allowing us to see the material for ourselves and decide on the best approach. To utilise our liquid metal coating, we will require your material to be delivered to our premises where the proper safety processes can be followed. We will provide an accurate quotation and arrange your coating to take place on a date and time that suits you.

The coating
With your material in our dedicated facilities, our team will get to work in carrying out thorough preparation of your material. From sanding MDF to priming uPVC, there is an approach for every substrate that must be followed. Once the perfect base has been created, we will utilise our high-volume low-pressure sprayers to deliver a professional and even coating.

The finish
Once the material has dried and cured fully, we will move onto the finish. Dependent on your initial requests and preferences, the finishing process could involve patination, as well as polishing to provide a sleek and glossy result. We can also provide an additional protective coating that remains transparent whilst preventing the occurrence of scratches over time.

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liquid metal spray coating?

When it comes to renovating your property, you will want to work with a team you can rely on. We pride ourselves on our consistently dependable approach, providing confidence to every customer through reliability, respect, and knowledge.

Liquid metal coating FAQs

Can liquid metal coating come in a range of finishes?

Yes it can! These finishes include copper, bronze, stainless steel, brass and more. Speak to our team for advice or assistance on the best suited finish for you.

Can my uPVC patio doors be sprayed with liquid metal?

Yes, liquid metal coatings can coat just about any surface, including your uPVC frames. An actual layer of metal is left of the substrate, completely concealing its original appearance.

Will the finish of liquid metal leave a noticeably risen finish?

No – as the particles of metal within the spray are so fine, the finish will provide a risen surface of just a few millimetres.

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