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Update the exterior grounds of your property with a hassle-free facelift and reignite the life in your garage door. Over the years, yours may have become rundown, with signs of aging appearing in the form of fading or peeling. Beat the costs of installation work and transform your door with our professional spray painting service.

What are the options?

With unrivalled knowledge into paints, their qualities, and the substrates they could each adhere to, our team are here to take the difficulty out of your hands, leaving you with the sole choice of choosing your preferred colour and texture. As well as the ability to colour match to popular paint brands including Fenwick and Dulux, we also provide the ability to upgrade your garage door with varying coatings. These include:

The benefits of
spray painting garage doors

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To find out more about our professional spray painting service, or to arrange for a coating for your garage door, get in touch. We will be happy to help. Call 0203 916 5632, email us at or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


Our garage door
spray painting process

Whilst no two projects may be the same, our team carry out a consistently effective process. Our approach is tailored to every customer and material to ensure the best results.

The initial consultation
After discussing your requirements, our team will work to conduct a plan of action that provides the most effective finish for your uPVC garage door. We will then provide an accurate and honest quotation before booking in your garage spray painting for a date and time that suits you.

The spray painting
Prior to the activation of our air-assisted sprayers, we will ensure that your garage door has been thoroughly prepped. This includes actions such as sanding and priming, ensuring that the base is of high quality. We will also mask all surrounds, providing an even coating and a tidy finish.

The curing period
Your garage door will require a drying period to ensure it cures fully without damage or imperfections. This should happen within 24 hours, but we would suggest leaving it unused and untouched to ensure a flawless result that you will be proud of.

Why choose us for
garage spray painting services?

Delivering confidence throughout every garage door transformation, we take pride in our service. It’s no wonder so many of our customers return to work with us.

Garage spray painting FAQs

Can solvent-based paint be used on my garage door?

Solvent-based paint will provide a high-quality finish on your garage door but it will need to be removed from your property and delivered to our workshop. Solvent-based paint must be utilised in a location with sufficient ventilation and PPE must be used at all times.

Will I need to be present for my garage spraying?

Our services are highly convenient. If you are unable to be present whilst we are working, our team will be able to keep you updated on our progress via your chosen method, from email to phone calls.

Will the weather play a part in my garage door spray painting?

We would recommend that external spray painting takes place on drier, warmer days. This is to ensure that the coating is of the highest quality and that the masking doesn’t fail, allowing the finish to remain tidy without worrying about the presence of moisture or high winds. We will assess the weather during the lead up to your appointment and keep in contact with you to plan effectively.

Arrange your
garage door transformation

Our team are readily available to transform your garage door with an attractive spray coating, so get in touch. Call 0203 916 5632 or email us at today.